Privacy Policy

1.Appropriate Handling of Personal Information

当OAG Tax Co. (hereinafter "OAG") has established management systems that will enables to protect personal information, and by complying to internal rules and policies ensures to collect, use and provide personal information by lawful and appropriate means to the extent necessary.

2.Measures to Maintain Accuracy and Security

OAG has implemented all measures to ensure accuracy and security of personal information, and will endeavor to prevent and rectify unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification and leak of personal information.

3.Legal Compliance

当OAG ensures to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding handling of personal information including Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

4.Continued Efforts in Personal Information Protection

OAG ensures to regularly revise its’ Compliance Program (Efforts in Personal Information Protection) and to improve and to upgrade anytime possible.

Date of enactment: January 5, 2007

OAG Tax Co., CEO, Takaaki Ohta

Personal Information Protection Officer
TEL:03-3237-7500 (Only business days 9:30-17:30)


Homat Horizon Bldg,6-2,
Goban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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